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Outsourced payroll services at an affordable price.

Welcome to Griffin Payroll where we pride ourselves on being expert payroll providers at a cost affordable by all. Below is a summary on why you need to look no further for your outsourced payroll department...

Why our clients have chosen us for their outsourced payroll services

There are essentially 3 options to running an employee payroll system:
  • Pay an accountant (as much as £75.00+ per hour) to run a payroll service for you
  • Buy payroll software, update it each year and undertake the payroll calculations yourself
  • Use our Payroll Bureau where we will provide a managed payroll service and do everything for you from just £1.50 per employee per payslip.

Our payroll bureau services includes:

  • Updating employee details
  • Inputting variable payments and adjustments
  • HMRC compliant payslips
  • Payment to HMRC report telling you how much to pay to HMRC and when to pay
  • P45 processing if an employee leaves your employment
  • Submission of Year End Reports to HMRC
  • P60’s each employee

Our managed payroll service allows you to:

  • Save money with reduced payroll costs – no expensive accountancy fees!
  • Save time to spend on the more important elements of your business
  • Ensure compliance with HMRC rules and regulations
  • Professional support and guidance
  • Ensure employees are paid accurately and on time
  • Leave the hassles of payroll up to our trusted team
  • Be flexible – employing new staff? They can easily be added to our payroll bureau

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